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Address: Professor John Barker, Rankine Building, James Watt School of Engineering, College of Science and Engineering,University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8LT, Scotland, UK.

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Last updated: 13th January, 2024

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Expanded TV broadcasts section and added link to the magic micro mission Now available on YouTube.

COVID-19 research

Supermoon +eclipse
21st January 2019
Glasgow 4:52 a.m.

Taken with 300 mm zoom on full frame 35 mm Nikon D700.

Header image: Arran mountain range from GoatFell (2015).

Other header images  include the Lismore Lighthouse from the approach to the Sound of Mull in Scotland. The background shows the highland terrain that includes Britain’s highest mountain: Ben Nevis.

All photographs and graphics are (c) John Barker unless stated otherwise.

____________________Some previous notes_______

Breakthrough on observation of photon trajectories

Glasgow Science Festival Talk

International Workshop on Progress in Non-Equilibrium Green Functions IV





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