Academic Career

Academic appointments:

Lectureship in Theoretical Physics in the University of Warwick (1970-1985)
(senior lecturer 1984).

Affiliate (Full) Professor of Physics at Colorado State University (1979-1983)

Professor of Electronics in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Glasgow (1985-2008) and co-founder of the Nanoelectronics Research Centre (and founder of the Theory and Modelling Group)

Emeritus Professor, Honorary Senior Research Fellow,
College of Science and Engineering,
University of Glasgow (October 2008-present)

Extended periods as visiting scientist/consultant appointed at:

Visiting Professor at Paris Universite VII (Group de Physique des Solides)(1977);

Visiting Professor, Physics Dept., North Texas State University (1978)

Visiting Scientist, IBM T. J. Watson Laboratory, Yorktown Heights, New York (1978)

Visiting Professor, Colorado State University (1978,1979)

Visiting Scientist, NORDITA, the Neils Bohr Institute, Copenhagen (1980)

Visiting Scientist, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill (1980, 1981)

Visiting Scientist, US Army Electronics and Devices Laboratory, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (1981)

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