Grants 1994-present

(latest first)

Atomic scale simulation of nanoelectronic devices
With A Asenov, S Roy, J Watling
EPSRC Platform grant 01/10/07-30/09/12 BP 1218409

With 14 others
EPSRC 01/05/07-30/04/10 BP 4083675

Statistical 3D simulation of intrinsic parameter fluctuations in decananometer MOSFETS introduced by discreteness of charge and matter
With A Asenov, S Roy, J Watling EPSRC HPC facility
EPSRC 01/10/04-30/09/04 BP 153021

Modelling the impact of high-k gate stacks on mobility device performance and intrinsic parameter fluctuations
With J. Watling , A. Asenov , S. Roy and UCL
International Sematech 09/2004-10/2006, USD 310 000

SINANO – Network of Excellence
European Commission 01/2004-02/2007 Euros 250 000

Sub 100 nm III-V MOSFETs for Digital Applications
With 14 others MOTOROLA, University of Surrey
EPSRC 09/2003-09/2006 BP 3000 000

Meeting the materials challenges of nano-CMOS electronics
with A Asenov and S Roy
collaboration with University Collee London and NASA Ames EPSRC, 01.07.04-30.06.08: B.P 354711

Atomistic simulation of nanoscale devices
with A Asenov, S Roy EPSRC Platform grant, 06.02-05.07: B.P 429564

SiGe for HMOS-theory and modelling: Phase II
with A Asenov, I Thayne, S Roy, J Watling and others
EPSRC, 02.01-03.04: B.P 4700000

Application of pattern recognition methods in the study of remodelled resistance arteries;investigating the presence of distinct functional groups and their spatial self organisation,
with J McGrath
The Wellcome Trust, 03.99-03.02: :B.P 126 650

Nanofabrication Technologies driven by high speed devices
with 7 others
EPSRC 04.00-03.03: B.P 2040000

SiGe for HMOS-theory and modelling
EPSRC, 10.97-10.00 B.P 2300 000

Application of electronic nose technology to agriculture
with J Cooper
Ministry of agriculture fisheries and food 09.95-01.99: B.P 279 000

Nanoelectronic and quantum devices and systems
with 9 others
EPSRC 03.94-03.98:B.P 1916000

Tailored oligomers and polymers for information technology
EEC ESPRIT 09.92-08.95: B.P 118 000

High temperature MOS gated semiconductors and advanced aircraft
electrical power conditioning systems
EPSRC 04.92-08.95: B.P 345 000

A parallelised cellular automaton simulator for ultrafast
ultrasmall FETs on MIMD machines
British Council 09 94-09.96

Simulation and optimisation of Si Ge FETS
for high speed VLSI applications
EPSRC 09.95-09.97: B.P 84 000

Parallel 3D finite element simulation of cellular power semiconductor devices
EPSRC/GEC 09.95-09 98: B.P 132 000

Project Zeus: GP- MIMD
EEC ESPRIT 04.94-05.95

Construction of a PowerPC distributed Multicomputer
with DC-Hypermesh interconnect
Strategic Initiatives Fund – UFC / Motorola 08.94-08.96



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