Television and Radio Broadcasts

Devised and presented three 30 minute documentaries for Central Television’s VENTURE programme in 1982. They involved the history of the microcomputer and covered ancient techniques for computation (e.g the abacus) via transistors and integrated circuits to modern computer and information technology. I was fortunate in being able to borrow original resources including historical integrated circuit, various robots and computerised equipment. Special effects were introduced including filming from the air and from “within” an electron microscope. The programmes were recorded before an audience.

Made several other short filmed reports for Central TV in 1982-83 including coverage of the IRAS satellite programme and the launch event.

Co-presenter and technical consultant to 6 children’s TV programmes made in 1983: the Magic Micro Mission, which mixed interviews with sportsmen, musicians, dancers, scientists with technical information on computers and computer games.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s I prepared and in some cases presented material for other TV programmes including: Tomorrow’s World, Horizon, and similar programmes on ITV and US programmes.

1998 lecture at the Edinburgh Science Festival (Towards the age of the Nanocomputer”) was held in the Edinburgh Royal Museum and was filmed for Discovery channels Sci-Trek channel.

Between 1982 and 1997 I made a number of contributions to scientific programmes on local and national radio

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