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  Top 15 cited publications (excluding books) 

  1. Quantum theory of high field transport in semiconductors
    J. R. Barker
    J.Phys.C 6 2663 (1973) :   (237)
  2. Si/SiGe Heterostructure Parameters for Device Simulations
    L Yang, J R. Watling, R C. W. Wilkins, M Borici, J R. Barker, Asen Asenov and  Scott Roy
    Semiconductor Science and Technology 19,1174,
    (2004): (200)
  3. The quantum mechanical tunnelling problem re-visited
    S. Collins, D. Lowe and J. R. Barker
    J.Phys.C 20 6213 (1987): (196)
  4. Self-scattering path variable formulation of high field time dependent quantum kinetic equations for semiconductor transport in the finite collision duration regime
    J. R. Barker and D. K. Ferry
    Phys. Rev. Letters 42 1775 (1979): (173)
  5. On the physics and modelling of small semiconductor devices I
    J. R. Barker and D. K. Ferry
    Solid State Electronics 23 519 (1980): (147)
  6. A self-consistent full 3-D real-space NEGF simulator for studying nonperturbative effects in nano-MOSFETs
    A Martinez, M Bescond, JR Barker, et al
    IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 54 (9), 2213 (2007): (147)
  7. The oscillatory structure of the magnetophonon effect. I. Transverse configuration
    J. R. Barker
    J.Phys.C 5 1657-1674 (1972) : ( 130)
  8. On the physics and modeling of small semiconductor devices —II: The very small device
    JR Barker, DK Ferry
    Solid State Electronics 23 (6), 531, (1980):  (101)
  9. A dynamic analysis of resonant tunnelling
    S Collins, D Lowe, JR Barker
    Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 20, 6233, (1987): (90)
  10. High field collision rates in polar semiconductors
    JR Barker
    Solid State Electronics 21, 267,(1978): (80)
  11. Quantum-transport study on the impact of channel length and cross sections on variability induced by random discrete dopants in narrow gate-all-around silicon nanowire transistors
    A Martinez, M Aldegunde, N Seoane, AR Brown, JR Barker, A Asenov
    IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58 (8), 2209, (2011):  (79)
  12. Current variability in Si nanowire MOSFETs due to random dopants in the source/drain regions: A fully 3-D NEGF simulation study
    N Seoane, A Martinez, AR Brown, JR Barker, A Asenov
    IEEE Transactions on electron devices 56 (7), 1388, (2009)  : (73)
  13. Study of Discrete Doping-Induced Variability in Junctionless Nanowire MOSFETs Using Dissipative Quantum Transport Simulations
    M Aldegunde, A Martinez, JR Barker
    IEEE Electron Device Letters 33, 194, (2012):  (72)
  14. Modal analysis of transport through quantum point contacts using realistic potentials
    M J Laughton, J R Barker, J R Nixon, and J H Davies
    Phys. Rev. B 44 1150-1153 (1991) (69)
  15. Quantum theory of hot electron tunnelling in microstructures
    JR Barker
    Physica B+ C 134 (1-3), 22, (1985) : (67)

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