University of Warwick

Undergraduate courses taught at the Warwick  University (Physics) 1970-1985

Mechanics (year 1)

Concepts of Theoretical Physics (years 2/3)

Celestial Mechanics (year 3)

Hamiltonian Physics (year 2)

Advanced Classical Mechanics (year 2)

Advanced Mathematical Techniques (year 3)

Hot Electron Physics (year 3)

Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Theory (year 3)

Philosophical Foundations of Statistical Physics (year 3)

Variational methods in Physics (year 2)

Information Theory and Noise (year 2)

VLSI Microelectronics (year 3)

Relativistic Cosmology (year 3)

Postgraduate courses taught at the University of Warwick (Physics) 1970-1985

Transport theory 40L

Quantum transport theory 20L

Green functions for solid state physics 25l

Disordered systems 20L

Space-time models in cosmology 20L

Advanced topics in solid state physics 25L

Computational physics 20L

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

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