Special Lectures

1.Guest Lecturer: North Texas University (1978) Public Lecture: Community Education in Great Britain

2.Einstein Symposium (1979) : Einstein ,Quanta and Reality Einstein in the Seventies

3.Institute of Physics Lectures: Pseudoscience; Sub-Micron Electronics

4.Warwick Teachers Conference(1980): Physics of sub-micron semiconductor devices

5.British Association for the Advancement of Science(1980): the sub-micron revolution

6.British Science Fiction Writers Association (1980): Microscience.

7.Association for Science Education (1980): Sub-micron science:the new world of the quantum chip

8. Information Technology Year Programme: lectures in Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Solihull on Information Science and Engineering (1982)

9.Guest lecturer at the opening of the Microtechnology in Schools meeting in Solihull, (1982)

10. Institute of Data Management, (1984), Computing with Cellular Automata.

11.British Computer Society (1985): Optical Computing

12. Royal Society (London), lectures on Molecular Electronics (1990).

13. Distinguished Science Lecturer, Yale University: 3 public lectures:The limit of information technology; Molecular scale logic with fluids; Trajectory representations of single electronics. (1992)

14.Edinburgh Science Festival (1993) Lecture on “Nanoelectronics: engineering with single electrons and molecules”.

15. The Royal Society (London) “Nanoscale Electronics” Press Briefings in Modern Science, London (1993)

16.Royal Society of Chemistry, Review Lecture in Chemistry, St Andrews University,”Prospects for molecular scale electronics” (1994)

17.Association for Science Education Keynote Lecture: Association for Science Education Annual Conference, “The Future of Electronics”, March (1998).

18. Royal Society of Chemistry Invited Speaker at Aberdeen University: “Artificial Olfaction.” (1998).

19. Edinburgh Science Festival Michaelson Memorial Lecture in Computer Science: “The Age of the Nanocomputer” (1998)

20. IEE sponsored lectures: Engineering for diversity(2001)

21. Glasgow Science Festival: Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow – The Smile on the Face of the Quantum (2010).

22. Royal Observatory at Greenwich, Flamsteed Astronomical Society, On the remote exploration of rocky planets: from craters to smart dust (2012).

23. Kelvin Probus, Club, Glasgow, A question of Cosmology (2012)

24.University of Swansea: College of  Engineering
Green functions and Causality: exploring Electron Transport in Nanowires (2012)

25. Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow: The Exploration of Space: the Austerity Years (2018).

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