My research interests include:

Development of an electronic nose

Application of mathematics to biology

Application of image processing and pattern recognition methods to biological imaging using confocal microscopy

Selected Publications

M. J. Swann, A. Glidle, N.Gadegaard, L. Cui, J. R. Barker and J. M. Cooper,
Distribution of adsorbed molecules in electronic nose sensors
Physica B 276-278, 357-358 (2000)

L.Cui, M.J. Swann, A. Glidle, J. R. Barker and J. M. Cooper
Odour mapping using micro-resistor and piezo-electric sensor pairs
Sensors and Actuators B66,94-97 (2000)

Shang C., Daly C.J., Mcgrath J.C. & Barker J. R
Neural network based classification of cell images via estimation of fractal dimensions.
In: Perspectives in Neural Computing. Eds. H. Malmgren, M. Borga and L. Niklasson. Springer Press. (Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine and Biology, Goteborg, Sweden).pp. 111-116, (2000).

Shang C., Daly C.J., Mcgrath J.C. & Barker J. R
Analysis and classification of tissue section images using directional fractal dimension features.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. Vancouver, Canada. 1, 164-167 (2000)

Shang C., Daly C.J., Mcgrath J.C. & Barker J. R
Modelling and classification of vascular smooth muscle cell images.
Electronics Letters – IEE, 36 (18) 1532-1533 (2000).

Luo D, Barker J R, McGrath JC & Daly CJ (1998).
Iterative multilevel thresholding and splitting for 3D segmentation of live cell nuclei using laser scanning confocal microscopy.
J Comp Assisted Microscopy , 10 (4): 151-162 (1998)

M. J.Swann, A. Glidle,L. Cui, J. R. Barker and J. M. Cooper
The determination of gaseous molecular density using a hybrid vapour system
J. Chem. Commun. 2753-2754 (1998).

Wathes, C., Lane, A., Swann, M.J., Glidle, A, Mottram, T., Barker, J.R., & Cooper, J.M.
Measurement of Perineal Bovine Odour Changes at Oestrus using Artificial Olfaction?.
Journal of Reproduction Fertility, Abstr. Ser. 18, 66 (1996).

Wathes, C., Lane, A., Mottram, T., Barker, J.R., & Cooper, J.M.
Bovine Perineal Odour Changes through the Estrus Cycle.?American Animal Science, Abstr. Ser. (1996).

Barker J R,
Molecular electronic logic and architectures
in Introduction to Molecular Electronics edited by M Petty, D. Bloor and M. Bryce; Edward Arnold: London , Chapter 16, 345-376 (1995).

Cooper, J.M. , Shen, J.,Young,F M.,Connolly ,P, Barker, J.R., and Moores, G.
The Imaging of Streptavidin and Avidin using Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
J. Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 5 (1994)

Cooper, J M, Barker, J R, Magill, J V, Monaghan, W, Robertson, M, Wilkinson, C D W And Curtis, A S G, Moores, G R
A review of research in bioelectronics ar Glasgow University
Bioelectronics and Biosensors 8(3/4)xii-xxx (1993 )

Barker, J R, Connolly, P C And Moores, G
Interfacing to biological and molecular structures
in Physics of granular electronic systems, edited by D K Ferry, J R Barker, C Jacoboni, Plenum, 425-440 (1991).

Barker, J R
Building molecular electronic systems
Chemistry in Britain 27 728-731 (1991)

J.R. Barker,
Molecular Electronic Systems:  models and fabrication schemes
in Molecular Electronics – Science and Technology, ed. A Aviram,Springer, p 213 -221 (1989)

J.R. Barker, P.N. Bartlett, G.H. Dodd,U.Hayat, A. Fard and H.V. Shurmer
Development of an electronic Nose,
Physics in Technology 18 170-176 (1987)

U. Hayat, P. N. Bartlett,G. H Dodd and J. R. Barker

Electrochemical synthesis and study of polydiphenylamine
J.Electroanal.Chem.,220 287-294 (1987).

J. R. Barker and G. H. Dodd
An artificial nose:an adaptive multi-sensor olfactory electronic system
in  Proc.1985 NATO Summer School on Olfaction, ed G Dodd (1985).

J. R. Barker
The potential of the bio-chip
Spectrum 170 2 (1980).



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